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Satellite Systems

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Satellite Receiving & Transmitter Systems

With many years experience in satellite technology Telefibre Pty Ltd can supply plus install almost any satellite system to suit your needs.

Telefibre Pty Ltd can install Free To Air VAST (Viewer Access Satellite Television) digital television service. Comprising of all digital free to air stations including news stations for your local area. We install for single premises, multiple occupancy (MDU), to large distribution system & even re-transmission sites to cover many kilometers.

Other satellite services we install include but are not limited to:

  • Religious Satellite Television - around 20 channels to choose from
  • Foreign Satellite Services - 1000's of foreign networks in almost every language on many different satellites.

Custom Satellite Services.

Over the years Country Antennas & Communications now Telefibre Pty Ltd have been contracted to perform service and installation of many services. Some of these include:

  1. Satellite Music Australia (SMA)
  5. National Australia Banking Satellite Service
  6. Australian Government Broadband Guarantee

When you choose Telefibre Pty Ltd for your satellite installation work you can rest comfortably in the fact that you have professionals with many years experience on your team.