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Public Address Systems

With a huge range of well known quality products like Ohlson & Toa, Telefibre Pty Ltd can supply & install all types of speakers, cable, connectors, microphones (wired & wireless), amplifiers fitted with fire & evacuation warning tones capable of attaching music on hold & public address from your phone systems.

We custom design sound systems to suit just about application you can find including:

  • Shopping Centers
  • Hotels, Motels
  • Clubs
  • Sports Facilities
  • Work Sites
  • Mine Sites
  • Workers Accommodation
  • Halls
  • Schools
  • Race Tracks and many more.

Distance and size is no problem, as we can deploy fibre optic's to areas that range from 1km up to and over 200km in distance & more.

Call us today on 1300 6 555 87 to arrange a quote for your system - or check out our online store for the latest equipment pricing.