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Fibre Optic

Fibre Optic, Splicing, Jointing, Fibre Enclosures, I.E.N, IEN, CAN, C.A.N

Specialising in long distance projects & I.E.N (Inter Exchange Networks) we have the test tools to install and audit fibre up to 200 km in a single run.

Our 4x4 Mobile Laboratory is Mine compliant with all necessary safety equipment fitted. We are setup to execute contracts which require many months away from our base.

4X4 Fibre Optic Lab

Telefibre Technicians are Telstra Carrier certified in OTDR testing, Commissioning, PON Network Design, Splicing, Jointing & FTTX We are qualified to Design, Install, Test, Audit & Maintain your fibre and wired networks.

Telefibre Pty Ltd has all the latest Carrier Approved test tools on hand including:

  • Long Range OTDR (optical time domain reflectometer) that can test fibre up to 200 km range
  • Ribbon Splicing Machin
  • Fusion Splicing Machine  
  • Traffic Detectors & Tone Generators - for faster fibre detection
  • Light Source & Power Meters
  • PON Power Meters (Passive Optical Network)
  • VFL (Visual Fault Locators)
  • Video Inspection Probes - to safely identify dirty connectors & more

You don't have wait for expensive & time consuming test tool hire.

Getting your network back online is our priority. We always keep emergency repair kits in stock making sure your network down time is minimal. These kits include a large range of enclosures, media converters, fibre & break-out kits

Telefibre Pty Ltd can also supply & setup microwave links where fibre cannot be laid. If its long distance single mode or short distance multi mode, Telefibre Pty Ltd have what it takes to get you back online fast.

P.O.N (Passive Optical Network) Design

Telefibre Pty Ltd specialise in NBN Estate & MDU (Multi Dwelling Unit) Optical Fibre Design Developers & Builders - Telefibre Pty Ltd is qualified to provide cost efficient solutions for your new Fibre Optic estate design.

Telefibre Pty Ltd can design a complete system from the Node to your FDH (Fibre Distribution Hub) including all Pit & Pipe to your building.