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Antennas Systems

Combined UHF/VHF Television Antenna

With over 23 years experience in antenna installations Telefibre Pty Ltd offer you quality, professional antenna installations. With our spectrum analyzers, innovative techniques, and high quality components our aim is to provide you the best possible TV viewing experience. Not only does Telefibre Pty Ltd install all types of TV antennas, we also have a great range of AM/FM radio antennas, digital amplifier/boosters & more to help you enjoy your entertainment system to its fullest capability.

Reticulated Antenna & Satellite Systems

Specialising in the design, supply & installation of reticulated television systems for medium to large scale systems including Mine Sites, Hotels, Motels, Public Bars, Clubs, Green Field Estates, Brown Field Estates, Holiday Resorts, MDU (Multi Dwelling Units), Apartment Blocks, Caravan Parks, Hospitals, Correctional Facilities, Nursing Homes and more. Call Telefibre Pty Ltd on 1300 6 555 87 today to discuss a tailored system to suit your needs.
Note: Television signal is subject to change from factors like (but limited to) mountains, impulse noise from power lines, trees, buildings, atmospheric conditions etc, and as such a terrestrial signal is not always able to be obtained. In these instances please refer to the Australian Government VAST service below.

VAST Viewer Access Satellite Television

No TV or Radio Reception? Too far away from your local television transmitter or between mountains & trees? You can now watch all the Australian Digital Freeview Television channels Crystal Clear on your TV no matter where in Australia you live, even in your caravan! (subject to Government licence acceptance) Click Here to find out more about VAST Satellite Service


Telefibre Pty Ltd have many years experience in the installation of all types of transmitters & transmitter antennas. We specialise in repeater re-transmitter sites for licensed commercial and non commercial purposes which include:

  • Television Re-Transmitters
  • Radio Re-Transmitters
  • Microwave Repeaters
  • Wireless Internet
  • Two Way Radio Systems
  • Mobile 3G & 4G Internet Systems
  • And more...

We provide a complete turn key solution including surveys, design, ACMA license applications, installation and maintenance. Call us today on 1300 6 555 87 for us to design the right system for you.

AM & FM Radio Antennas

Are you in an area where your radio reception cracks and pops? Does your favourite radio station fade in and out or is somewhere in the static? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions you probably need an outdoor radio antenna. By mounting a radio antenna outside your reception quality is greatly increased as interfering obstructions like tin roof, wall insulation are no longer a problem. Telefibre Pty Ltd install two main types of Radio Antenna, Omni Directional and Directional.

Omni Directional Outdoor Antennas

Omni Directional antennas are used to pick up multiple radio stations from several different directions. Omni Directional FM Antenna This type of antenna is most suitable when you are located in an area clear of obstructions like mountains and trees, or live on the top of a hill or flat land.

Directional Outdoor Antennas

Are more commonly used in areas where trees, hills, mountains or great distance is an issue. Directional Antennas produce a narrow beam which points towards one area. The benefits of this antenna are a stronger reception than an Omni Directional Antenna which is capable of overcoming many obstacles. However due to their beam like reception they cannot receive signals from multiple directions and work best tuned to one radio station or one area. Telefibre installs many Radio Antennas for a multitude of situations Directional FM Antenna

  • Sound Systems
  • Music On Hold Telephone Systems (MOH)
  • Radio Intercom Systems
  • Businesses, Hotels/Motels, Shops and Workshops